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What percentage of Americans will be considered obese by the end of 2010, as defined by Body Mass Index?




From 0% to 35%


Predicted: 42.06%

Actual: 0.00%

Greater than 35%


Predicted: 57.94%

Actual: 100.00%

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November 12, 2009 @ 12:14pm PST



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chelseaboys   •   Tue May 15 2012 at 08:16am PDT

Thanks to whomever for finally closing this out.

Polyergic   •   Mon Apr 11 2011 at 07:44am PDT

A quick search of the CDC and NIH websites gives the impression that it’ll be a couple years before data from 2010 is available.

The most recent report of national statistics, released December 2010, uses data from 2008:

The most recent report I found was state-by-state statistics, using data from 2009:

Based on those, I doubt that over 35% of the U.S. population was obese at the end of 2010, but I don’t see any official number.

chelseaboys   •   Mon Apr 11 2011 at 07:57am PDT

Thanks you for this info. I would agree with your conclusion and ask that the marketmaker pay it out as no rather than have the inkles tied up as much as 2 more years. Had I known that it would take that long, I would have cashed out well before the close of the market (or, never played the market).

chelseaboys   •   Mon Apr 11 2011 at 07:16am PDT

This needs to be resolved. I do not even know where to find the answer.

McLovin   •   Wed Dec 16 2009 at 08:39am PST

Whoever is running this, would you pay it out since it is closed?

Polyergic   •   Sat Nov 14 2009 at 04:49pm PST

Why is this closed already?

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