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Who will win the Oscar for BEST ACTRESS in the 2011 Academy Awards?




Annette Bening, 'The Kids Are All Right'


Predicted: 13.49%

Actual: 13.49%

Jennifer Lawrence, 'Winter's Bone'


Predicted: 5.08%

Actual: 5.08%

Michelle Williams, 'Blue Valentine'


Predicted: 4.33%

Actual: 4.33%

Natalie Portman, 'Black Swan'


Predicted: 73.25%

Actual: 73.25%

Nicole Kidman, 'Rabbit Hole'


Predicted: 3.84%

Actual: 3.84%

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February 28, 2011 @ 06:27pm PST

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ChloeBurns   •   Sun Feb 27 2011 at 05:53am PST

I have said it before and I will say it again, opening then closing a market is the worst thing you can do to a trader. By refunding this market, you have exposed me to large, unwanted risk. My actions require that I have confidence that once a market is open it will remain open.

amsiegel (ADMIN)   •   Sun Feb 27 2011 at 05:29am PST

We published this question in error and it has been refunded. This question already existed

philculp   •   Sat Feb 26 2011 at 04:19pm PST

who had the first wager in these?? All options started at 20?
Gaming? likely.

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