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Which of the following proposals currently before Congress will be passed and sent to President Obama for signature by Friday 30 December 2011?




Unemployment Benefits Extension.


Predicted: 78.52%

Actual: 100.00%

Payroll Taxcut Extension.


Predicted: 78.72%

Actual: 100.00%

Keystone Pipeline Project.


Predicted: 61.78%

Actual: 100.00%

None passed.


Predicted: 15.24%

Actual: 0.00%

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December 19, 2011 @ 08:00am PST

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ChloeBurns   •   Wed Dec 21 2011 at 04:28am PST

Anyone else reminded of Monty Python here? NONE SHALL PASS!

SneakyPete   •   Wed Dec 21 2011 at 07:30am PST

In my opinion some, if not all, will pass by the 31st. Neither side will want to face ther voters if they do not pass. It is just who will blink first. I personally believe that it should be a one-year deal. Do not understand why the President is so dead set on a 2 month deal. Bad for business I would think.

ChloeBurns   •   Wed Dec 21 2011 at 08:19am PST

The President would love a one year deal as well. That is not available. So the House should pass what is on the table, come back in January and do the difficult but necessary work of governing.

SneakyPete   •   Wed Dec 21 2011 at 11:25am PST

On this, I would agree, with the President. One year should have been done by the Senate as this was what the House sent to them. There must be some ulterior underlying reason that the Senate knocked it back to 2-months. If they had left it at 1 year then they would not have go back through the whole drill once again. All the Senate did was delay the Unemployment Benefits Extension, Keystone Pipeline Project, and the “Doc Fix” proposals from taking place for the entire year rather than just 2 months. Very confusing for me.

SneakyPete   •   Mon Dec 19 2011 at 07:29pm PST

House vote on proposals delayed until tomorrow.

SneakyPete   •   Sat Dec 17 2011 at 09:48pm PST

Its now back to the House, from the Senate, for final action to take place next week.

SneakyPete   •   Fri Dec 16 2011 at 02:46pm PST

Will this turn out to be for the Democrats, as the old Sun Tzu saying goes, a “Two steps forward and One step back” and pass the Keystone Pipeline Project?

SneakyPete   •   Sun Dec 11 2011 at 10:10am PST

For Clarification: The market is ONLY asking which of the indicated proposals, will be passed by both houses of Congress, BUT not necessarily signed into law by President Obama.

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