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NCAAMB: Which Top 25 team will be last to lose?






Predicted: 16.67%

Actual: 0.00%

Murray State


Predicted: 88.07%

Actual: 100.00%



Predicted: 11.93%

Actual: 0.00%



Predicted: 0.25%

Actual: 0.00%

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March 04, 2012 @ 03:51pm PST

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chelseaboys   •   Sun Jan 22 2012 at 07:05am PST

As our former King commented, Baylor was prematurely closed, technically speaking. I dont recall if i uh oh’d that close.

What will happen now is that Syracuse will pay 100 if Murray State never loses in the regular season. If they do lose, they will pay 100.

wstritt   •   Sun Jan 22 2012 at 09:01am PST

My first reaction was that Murray State was a lock to lose before the end of the regular season. But looking at their schedule, doesn’t look like they have much competition left – just relatively weak conference opponents.

chelseaboys   •   Sun Jan 22 2012 at 09:06am PST

Agree. But ND fit the same category in the Big East (unless you ask a Domer, of course).

wstritt   •   Sun Jan 22 2012 at 09:14am PST

True but at least ND had beaten a couple of teams you have heard of, including a couple of ranked teams before Syracuse. Not so true about Murray State’s competition.

chelseaboys   •   Sun Jan 22 2012 at 09:33am PST

You have no faith in the Austin Peays of the world!

wstritt   •   Sat Jan 21 2012 at 07:17pm PST

Just occurred to me that since this is a “last to lose” market, Baylor probably should not have cashed out until tonight when Syracuse lost. If both Syracuse and Murray State had gone undefeated, Baylor would have been the last to lose. I think you may have even used “uh-oh” on Baylor, costing me a few . :). I’ll probably survive.

onedave   •   Mon Jan 09 2012 at 03:03am PST

Is conference tournament play included?

chelseaboys   •   Mon Jan 09 2012 at 04:58am PST

No. As it says in the Background Info, regular season only. No tournament play of any kind.

wstritt   •   Sun Jan 08 2012 at 06:36pm PST

Not hat it is likely but, since this is last to lose and regular season only, what happens if they all go undefeated through regular season? Refund?

chelseaboys   •   Sun Jan 08 2012 at 08:09pm PST

I hate refunds. I’ll add other to tie as a catchall.

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