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Women's Tennis: US Open 2014 Side Bets 2




Lowest ranked player to reach the semifinals


Predicted: 41.00

Actual: 39.00

Lowest ranked player to reach the final


Predicted: 12.95

Actual: 11.00

Number of sets lost by the winner.


Predicted: 1.85

Actual: 0.00

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Question ends

September 06, 2014 @ 02:26pm PDT



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EdG1975   •   Mon Sep 01 2014 at 04:07am PDT

Why isn’t it 33 like the last time? I bought shares with that Wimbledom aspect in my head prior to the comment.

RDW   •   Mon Sep 01 2014 at 05:48am PDT

No, Wimbledon was a special case as the seeds do not corresponds with the rankings. For example murray was seeded 3 but rank 5. Normally the question is about the rank and now with unseeded players in the quarters it will give a huge pay off. For next year I will make them all about seeds but for now, enjoy.

RDW   •   Mon Sep 01 2014 at 01:59am PDT

The idea was indeed to have the rank of the players not the seed. Here the ranks of the unseeded players.
Kanepi 50
Krunic 145
Bencic 58
Peng 39

Note that the semifinal question ends when the quarterfinals start.

onedave   •   Sun Aug 31 2014 at 03:17pm PDT

Do you mean rank or seed?

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