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On which park will the Obama Presidential Library be built?




Jackson Park






Washington Park



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September 14, 2015 @ 07:44am PDT

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kmcmorr (ADMIN)   •   Mon Sep 14 2015 at 11:55am PDT

No word yet…

lenlesmac   •   Fri Aug 28 2015 at 10:21am PDT

“Jackson Park remains in the running for the Obama Presidential Library, although Washington Park is thought to be the front-runner.”

kmcmorr (ADMIN)   •   Tue Aug 18 2015 at 12:54pm PDT

Any concerns if I extend this market? It looks like a decision is still a few months away. If I don’t hear anything in the next 24 hours I will reopen. Thanks.

kmcmorr (ADMIN)   •   Tue May 12 2015 at 11:07am PDT

You point about acres of vacant spaces that could be used is quite a valid point. Thanks for sharing. Now let’s stop arguing i’m tired of getting comment alerts every 10 minutes. :)

chelseaboys   •   Tue May 12 2015 at 08:33am PDT

How nice, deforesting a public park to erect an edifice to an alleged “Green” President.

Goose   •   Tue May 12 2015 at 09:33am PDT

Does anyone else find this guy’s relentless Obama hate boring?

chelseaboys   •   Tue May 12 2015 at 09:40am PDT

Tough. You have heard of the 1st Amendment?

Goose   •   Tue May 12 2015 at 10:31am PDT

I have. I have even read it. Have you? The 1st Amendment prohibits Congress from passing laws that abridge free speech. I am not Congress and I have passed no law.

Even if we were to interpret the 1st Amendment more broadly, it refers to a freedom of speech not an obligation to speak. This great country of ours would be better off if the conversation were dominated not by the loudest voices spewing bile but by intelligent voices seeking truth.

If you prefer a civil conversation about politics where smart, considered opinions are the norm rather than casual rudeness, like this comment.

chelseaboys   •   Tue May 12 2015 at 10:45am PDT

You really have the elitist liberal pablum down, don’t you?

And while I’m not in the mood for a Constitutional debate, it occurred to me that you have ignored the premise of my initial comment, instead taking the low road to try to incite some type of mob action.

If Obama wants the library on the south side of Chicago, there are plenty of vacant buildings that could be revitalized into use for this purpose without losing many acres of green space by repurposing parkland. That was the point of irony I was making in my post.

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