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On which date will a U.S. presidential candidate from each major party clinch his or her nomination?




Democrat clinches nomination


Predicted: June 04, 2008

Actual: June 03, 2008

Republican clinches nomination


Predicted: March 04, 2008

Actual: March 04, 2008

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September 05, 2008 @ 12:00pm PDT

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mvguy   •   Fri Nov 02 2007 at 10:28am PDT

Jd17 — Yes. See the market description. I’m basing it on the CNN delegate scorecard, which you can find here. This cannot occur until Feb. 5 at the earliest, even if someone were running unopposed, because most delegates won’t be selected until then.

jd17   •   Fri Nov 02 2007 at 07:26am PDT

What do you mean by “clinch”? Media reports? As of last week according to the media Clinton was already the Dem nominee. Do you mean having enough delagates to win the nomination?

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Democrat clinches nomination

Republican clinches nomination